It's a Questions of Power, Isn't It?

parasite radio

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Parasite Radio activates the (digital) ether as a possible exhibition space, as well as a hang-out, situating sound and oral cultures across histories, languages, and geographies. sonsbeek20→24 presents radio as a methodology that searches, listens, travels, hosts, and guests from different sites, both online, offline, and hybridly, from Arnhem, elsewhere in Europe, and the world. Connected to sonsbeek20→24’s main topic of concern, Parasite Radio looks into labor and the sonic, documenting and narrating the different layers and entangled relations between them, and their manifestations in the past, present, and future. Parasite Radio attempts to open-up the sometimes classed and limiting boundaries around intergenerational, accessibility-driven dialogic and communal practices by bringing together exhibition visitors and other audiences, spanning all ages, from migrants, undocumented or otherwise, to the sedentary, both non-workers and workers of all métiers alike. Echoing scholar Robin D.G. Kelley, Parasite Radio aims to “step into the complicated maze of experience that renders ‘ordinary’ folks so extraordinarily multifaceted, diverse, and complicated”.

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