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sonsbeek's closing weekend revisited

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With a finissage and a packed closing weekend, we concluded the first iteration of sonsbeek20→24 at the end of August! We counted tens of thousands of visitors who travelled across the city, into the parks, through Arnhem, all the way to Kröller-Müller Museum. All curious to discover the various artworks, public programs and exhibitions. Those who attended online, signed up for presentations from the Eusebius or via the ether, via sonsbeek parasite radio. A visual throwback unpacking this four day journey.

Hanging out at WALTER Books with Marcel van den Berg, Shari, Gyonne Goedhoop, Antonio Jose Guzman and Wes Mapes. © Victor Wennekes

Recording Black Salty Summer School w/ Quincy Gario, Shari and Gyonne Goedhoop

Artist Willem de Rooij, writer Carl Haarnack and sonsbeek co-curator Zippora Elders in conversation about "Pierre Verger in Suriname" (2020), De Rooij's eponymous book. © Victor Wennekes

In conversation after the film screening "Tussen Blauwe Golven en Groene Corridor" with Marlies Leupen, Tanja Karreman, Marie van Leeuwen, Jack Engelbrecht, Simone Vermaat and Hans van Houwelingen © Victor Wennekes

Dancers and participants of Marinella Senatore's The School of Narrative Dance, an open workshop around movement, collective practices and shared experiences, skills and memories. © Victor Wennekes

Kalaf Epalanga talking on his musical undertakings in Lisbon as part of the last sonsbeek sunday service: How to carry the load w/ Sandrine Colard, Kalaf Epalanga, Mahret Ifeoma Kupka + Poernima Gobardhan and Djuwa Mroivili. © Still image, Michael Stephens

A sonic lecture by Mo Laudi © Still image, Michael Stephens

ANNA - Radiant Shadow part 2, produced by Reframing HERstory Art Foundation with artistic direction by Farida Nabibaks. © Wija de Boer

Witnessing a performance by Simone Lagrand, focused on paying attention to inspiring rituals and practices of agroforestry. © Victor Wennekes

A polyphonic discussion/listening/reading group by Martina Raponi © Wija de Boer

Narges Mohammedi opening her group exhibition "In Your Touch, I remain" at Omstand

Wiaspora w/ Richard Kofi and Simone Zeefuik, conversations about the future tense of being Afro-European

Guests Raziyah Heath and Djuwa Mroivili recording Wiaspora w/ Richard Kofi and Simone Zeefuik

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